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If you have a dog or are thinking of adopting one, you will find on this page some topics that might interest you, as well as issues and concerns that may sound familiar.

How much does a course with a dog trainer cost?

Whether you are looking for an educator who does home visits or an online consultation, here you can get an idea of the features of my consultations and possible lesson packages, even if these are only partially convenient, because for many dogs the path is outlined as you go along and it is impossible to define beforehand. From my experience, however, I can tell you that the number of meetings indicated corresponds more or less to the average number of hours required to achieve a good result. On this page I refer to dogs that do not have serious behavioural problems and do not need rehabilitation. I would say that the best approach is that after an initial meeting we decide together on the most suitable course for you.
All these routes, except the social walk, are also possible in online mode.

First meeting

Before working together, it is important that I get to know you and your dog well so that I can get an idea of your daily routine and relationship and any ongoing problems or difficulties. After this meeting I will be able to propose the appropriate course for you and your dog.

Price: 70 €/h

Duration: 60 – 90 min

Course with individual lessons

During these lessons you will learn not only to make your dog listen and follow you, but I will teach you to understand his language and his basic needs, which go far beyond good food and the need for daily movement. I’ll teach you to read his body language and deeply understand what it takes for both of you to have a deep, fulfilling, and stress-free relationship. We will address the most common problems: the dog that pulls on the leash, does not listen, barks, is afraid of other dogs or is not well socialized, is always excited at home, etc etc.

Price: 70 €/hour

Package “Get to know your dog”

This package is a complete course and includes lessons in which all the important issues for the success of your relationship are addressed. Based on our first meeting, I will accompany you for a period of 2 to 3 three months divided into 6 meetings, each 90 minutes long. You will receive a meeting summary after each appointment. The appointments take place every 7-10 days. Between one appointment and another you will have the opportunity to ask me questions or send videos to analyze. The purpose of these meetings is to learn to understand each other and live together happily and relaxed. We will address all the important issues for the dog’s life, from teaching signals to mental education, from managing the dog in freedom to socialization, from nutrition to teaching calm. Any other appointments in addition to the sixth will cost €65 each.

Price per package: 585 €

Package “Meet the puppy”

The puppy has finally arrived: what a great emotion…and so many questions and insecurities!
In this package I will guide you step by step throughout the puppy’s education, starting with the simplest basics, such as teaching how to poop outside and listening to you, moving on to teaching the most important signals, socializing with other dogs, calmness education, being alone and much more.
The ideal time to start this journey is immediately after the puppy’s arrival at home: this means from 9 weeks of age.

The package includes:
4 x 90-minutes meetings in a home environment
2 outside socialization walks, each 90 minutes long, one in an urban environment on a leash and one in a park/forest without a leash (if the situation permits)

Price per package: 585€

First Aid Games

Do you know that play and mental stimulation are powerful tools to improve your dog’s self-esteem and grow your relationship? Don’t have ideas on what kind of games you could play together?

I offer a First Aid Games service! In 4 meetings, I’ll show you rules and tricks to have fun with your dog both inside and outside the home.

The package includes:
4 meetings of 60 minutes

Price per package: 260€

“Here Comes the Puppy” | Advice before your puppy arrives at home or before adoption.

I will give you advice on transport and the first days at home in the home environment. I’ll also help you prepare the house so that it’s puppy-proof and I’ll show you what are the essential items and toys that should be there upon the puppy’s arrival.

We will also talk about the most common mistakes, things to do and those to avoid at all costs.

Price: 75 € / approx. 90 min

“Social walking”: dog encounters under a watchful eye

He just wants to play! Or does he?

During a walk with your dog, I will help you understand your dogs body language when communicating with his fellow humans. You will learn to better read and evaluate encounters with other dogs, as it all starts with observation and understanding. You will recognize conflict situations before they escalate. Let yourself be surprised by what your dog has to tell you every day and learn to understand his wonderful communicative world. This meeting is a walk of pure observation in which we observe and comment. Ideal, if you think your dog doesn’t know how to communicate with others or if you feel insecure about it.

Price: 70 €/hour

Duration: between 1 and 2 hours

I’m Ruth

I have been fascinated by animals since I was a child and my enthusiasm for them has grown with each passing year. After graduating as a biologist, I first gained practical experience in various jobs before I studied animal psychology at the SGD.

As a certified dog trainer (with permission in accordance with § 11″ in Berlin)  I work with a cognitive-relational approach and needs-oriented training

This means that I not only train dogs to obey, but that I also have in mind that they can reach their best potential, grow as individuals and that the human-animal relationship is full of wonderful experiences and of course stress-free.

More about me
Luna and Ruth at the beach

My method

For those who live with a dog and need help, support or advice with possible problems and concerns involving their beloved pet, I can offer two types of consultations:

1) Consultation online

Do you want me to help you understand your pet but for some reason we can’t meet? Technology is here to help us. Many problems can be solved without the need to see each other in person. Let’s talk about it.

2) Home visit

Do you want me to help you understand your pet by making a home visit or embarking on an educational path? Here I am, if you are in a place where I can reach you easily. I live in Berlin but I am often also in Italy, especially in Rome. The costs for the home visit are included in the price within 4 km of my home (Schöneberg in Berlin and Tuscolana station in Rome). Over 4 km, €1 will be added for each km starting within 15 km of distance (round trip). For appointments over 15 km, personal arrangements can be made.

3) Payment

Individual lessons must be paid immediately after the meeting. If you buy a package this must be paid in advance and the lessons must be completed within the period indicated in the description of the service.

4) Cancellation of an appointment

The appointment can be canceled or modified free of charge within 24 hours before the meeting. If the cancellation is not made at least 24 hours before, the payment is still due and the appointment cannot be recovered.


My name is Francesca… and together with my partner Luca we were lucky enough to meet Ruth for an online consultation regarding some behaviors of our little Lily🐾 Although we weren’t in attendance, her great passion and love for her work they gave us many positive and practical ideas. We have treasured it in our daily life with Lily. A professionally and humanly attentive and prepared figure. We carry in our hearts a memory of a truly positive experience and that we would like to recommend.

– Francesca Luca & Lily🐾 –

I first heard about Ruth from another canalside dog owner in Berlin about a week after we arrived here (October 2021). My dog, Clive, reacted very strongly, while his dog was calm; when I said I wish my dog ​​was calmer and less nervous, she mentioned Ruth. If I remember his words correctly, he said that Ruth had a gift.

I adopted Clive when he was 8 months old from a certified breeder in December 2020. He is my first dog. From what I’m told, he grew up with his father and brothers in a single family home with a large farm. His mother died in childbirth. Clive had never been off leash and I don’t think he had any experience outside of the farm. So he was house trained and comfortable around me but had never done any other training (basic commands etc) and would freeze when we went for a walk and he would see other people or cars or dogs. Due to the pandemic, there were very few opportunities for training or socialization, although we ended up going to dog parks.

In Canada, the dominant approach to training is positive reinforcement, and there is a lot of attention to control: that is, when you give commands, your dog obeys. I found this kind of focus really unappealing: I didn’t want to control Clive or show how much he obeyed me. It’s a dog! I wanted him to be happy, to have his own personality, to explore the smells he liked, and not be afraid of me. But when we went for walks, strangers always criticized me, and told me that Clive shouldn’t go anywhere without my permission (for some reason, strangers love to give advice, especially men!). At the same time, I wanted to know that Clive would feel safe, that he would listen to me when needed, and that I didn’t have to be anxious about him. However, it didn’t seem like there was a way to have all of this without following the path of the ‘master dog’.

Training with Ruth

Our first meeting was a revelation! Ruth talked about my relationship with Clive in terms of trust and joy — not command and obedience — and I felt there was a way Clive could be confident and adventurous. Ruth was really patient, she was very good at understanding my lifestyle and adapting her advice and education plan accordingly. But above all, it was encouraging. Because I think a lot of dog training is actually training their human companions! I was nervous and anxious, overprotective of Clive and reluctant to put him in new situations. Ruth was very patient, she went with me to the dog park and to a cafe because she knew I needed support. It also taught me how to respond when things went wrong. My tendency was to become very aware and wonder what Clive and I were doing wrong; now, I’m much more relaxed and focus on making Clive comfortable (instead of focusing on how he should behave).

I really can’t say enough how different our relationship is. Clive is my friend. When we go for walks, it feels like going for a walk with a friend who is easily distracted and curious. I’m not at all focused on making Clive some sort of obedient dog, any more than I would be focused on making a friend something he isn’t. I’ve been busy with work so I haven’t always focused on training, but I’m confident that if there are new things I want to teach him, I can do it. Some weeks are better than others, but I don’t think of it as Clive or me doing something wrong, and more about how I can cheer him up or make him feel more confident.

Throughout all of this, Ruth has been a constant presence. Even in the weeks we don’t meet, I am in touch with her with any concerns. These include sudden new behaviors (for example, sitting in front of the window and staring at me), changes in his appetite, which seems like a step backwards to me. I have a tendency to be cautious and complacent, and Ruth pushes me to trust myself and Clive more. It was a joy to see Clive, who used to be nervous and cautious, become more confident. This is evident when he hops around the street as if he owns her, but also with me: he comes to me to let me know when he wants to play, and is physically more comfortable with me. Needless to say, I was very proud to see myself become more confident, no longer anxious and worried about making mistakes.

There is still a lot I have to do: spend more time in cafés, take Clive on the subway, and eventually travel by train. I look forward to it, knowing that I will have the support of someone like Ruth. She has a gift – with dogs and their human companions!


– Ashwini Vasanthakumar –



WhatsApp (only messages) +49 1761 7373733

We can then agree on the modalities of the consultation or course, the respective duration and the costs over the phone.