Do you recognize yourself in one of these situations?

πŸ• My dog ​​pulls on the leash, bites everything, doesn’t listen to me, barks at other dogs, can’t stay alone.

🐈 My cat doesn’t use the litter box, attacks my feet, meows incessantly, and is aggressive towards other cats or people.

Then you’ve come to the right place, because I can help you!

larca di ruth cat and dog

You have a dog and are looking for a dog trainer?

You have a cat and are looking for an animal psychologist?

Hi, I’m Ruth

Animals have fascinated me since I was a child and my enthusiasm for them has grown with each passing year. After graduating as a graduate biologist, I first gained practical experience in various jobs before I completed my studies in animal psychology at the SGD.

As a dog trainer in advanced training, I work with a relationship-based approach. This means that I not only train dogs to obey, but that I also have in mind that they can reach their best potential, grow as individuals and that the human-animal relationship is full of wonderful experiences and of course stress-free.

larca di ruth with dog

My love and professional competence also apply equally to the cats.

And here, too, I can be a contact person on the basis of my studies and the wide range of practical experience in the search for problem solutions and provide advice.

More about me

My method

When a cat lover or dog owner needs help, support or advice with the many possible problems and concerns surrounding their beloved pet, I can offer two types of advice:

1) Online consultation

You would like me to help you understand your pet better, but a personal meeting is not possible? Some problems can also be easily solved online.

2) Home visit

In many cases, however, direct contact is the better option. So of course I offer home visits if I can easily reach you at your place of residence. I live in Berlin, but I’m also in Rome and Sardinia from time to time.

Consultation prices

The price for an online consultation starts from €50.

For home visits, the price depends on whether the contacts take place in Berlin or in Italy, as well as the distance to the respective place of residence. Separate agreements are made for longer distances.


Our cat, who had been ill for years, was not doing well at all. She had food allergies and trauma and was also afflicted with FELV so I had no hope.
I have to thank Ruth for helping us settle down. Our cat is now reborn and finally living her life as a real cat, without further trauma and finally master of her own apartment.
Ruth, you helped us so much, thank you!


– Alice Marchetto –

Ruth is a wonderful person!!!
She gave me online advice for a more balanced coexistence between my cats and my dog…
Their advice was fundamental, as was their support.
She is a wonderful person, both personally and professionally.
After the online session, I was very fortunate to meet her in person…what can I say, SUPER!!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ruth!


– Paola –

Our first meeting was a revelation!
Ruth spoke about the relationship with my dog ​​Clive in terms of trust and joy – not command and obedience – and I felt there was a way Clive could be safe and adventurous. Ruth was very patient, she understood my lifestyle very well and adjusted her advice and training plan accordingly. But most of all she was encouraging. Because I believe a lot of dog training is actually training the human companion! I was nervous and anxious, overly protective of Clive and didn’t want to put him in new situations. Ruth was very patient and would accompany me to the dog park and a coffee shop because she knew I needed support. She also showed me how to react when something goes wrong. I tended to get very insecure and wondering what I and Clive were doing wrong; now I’m much more relaxed and focused on making Clive comfortable (rather than on how he should behave).
I can’t say enough about how different our relationship feels. Clive is my buddy. When we go for a walk, it feels like I’m walking with an easily distracted and inquisitive friend. I don’t focus on making Clive an obedient dog any more than I would focus on making a friend something he’s not. I’ve been busy with work so I haven’t focused on training with him, but I’m confident I can teach him new things if I want to. Some weeks are better than others, but I’m not thinking about Clive or I doing anything wrong, more about how I can cheer him up or give him more confidence.
All this time Ruth was in constant presence. Even in the weeks we weren’t seeing each other, I was in touch with her when I had concerns. These included sudden new behaviors, changes in appetite, apparent regression. I tend to be cautious and complacent, and Ruth pushed me to trust myself and Clive more. It was a pleasure to see Clive, who was a little nervous and wary, gain confidence. This is evident, for example, when he prances down the street as if he owns it, but also in his behavior towards me: he comes to me to let me know when he wants to play and he feels more comfortable with me physically. I’m obviously very proud that I’ve become more confident in myself, that I’m no longer anxious and worried about making a mistake.
There’s a lot more I need to do: spend more time in cafes, take Clive on the subway, maybe travel by train. I look forward to doing this because I know I have the support of someone like Ruth. She really has a gift – with dogs and their human companions!


– Ashwini Vasanthakumar –

Ruth is there for you from the start. She is very thorough and interested in every detail of your animal’s behavior so no information is overlooked. After all, we can only guess and interpret our velvet paws, Ruth is there for everything else!
I had a problem with my oldest cat being unclean, and thanks to a series of complex questions Ruth asked me: cat’s environment, eating habits, relationship and other habits, cat’s history, etc., once we were sure, we were able to that the urine values ​​were within the normal range, identify the problem. During this time Ruth suggested behaviors and changes, for example to the litter box, to remedy the situation and of course we had to try a few things. After a month of study and urine testing, we can now say that we have identified the problem, which is still partially present, but now the direction to go is clear because I was really groping in the dark.
I must also say that Ruth helped me a lot with finding the right diet (with help from her vet) during the time I was struggling with my little hangover. The little cat now gets food that has been clinically tested to be effective and also a treat for the palate. The cat has gained the kilo he was missing and his fur has also grown and become fluffier (and he is happier).
So thanks to Ruth for her constant presence! The difference in work is the passion you put into it, and Ruth puts a lot of that into it!


– Sara –

Contact me

via e-mail: or via a message in WhatsApp (+49 1761 7373733).

We can then agree on the modalities of the consultation or course, the respective duration and the costs over the phone.