If you have a dog or are considering getting one, here are some topics that may interest you, as well as questions, problems and concerns that you may recognize…

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Which topic are you interested in?

Advice before adoption

Counseling before adoption

Before making such an important decision, you should definitely seek advice, not only to discuss the dog’s breed/age/heritage, but also to understand if your lifestyle is compatible with the arrival of a furry friend is or what changes are coming to you.

Especially if it is your first dog, you should contact me to clarify your ideas. This will help you a lot with your decision.

Have you adopted a puppy and don’t know how to proceed?

You can take a course with me in which we lay the foundations for healthy attachment and training a confident dog.

Topics like:

  • Go for a walk
  • “quiet”
  • Basic signals like “sit”, “down” and “stay”
  • Callback
  • secure base
  • Nutritional advice
  • Socialization with other dogs
  • Bite inhibition
  • interpret body language
  • Cope with special situations, such as car journeys or appointments with the vet
  • Walking / running off leash
  • Education of the dog in the house (behaviour towards guests or at the table)
  • Walks on the street and meeting other dogs on a leash
  • Activities with the dog (in restaurants/bars, with friends)

On average, a puppy course lasts between 6 and 10 hours

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When you come back from a walk with your dog, are you more stressed than before because he keeps pulling on the leash?

You are not alone!

This is one of the most requested topics ever. Just working on the dog’s behavior would solve this problem very quickly. However, my aim is to not only ensure that your dog stops pulling, but also that he no longer feels the need to pull. Together we will go through a process that will lead you to understand his true motivations for pulling and to change both his behavior and the reasons for it.

You will walk together on a loose leash!

When I work with you on this topic, I cannot say in advance how many hours it will take us, because a lot depends on the individuality of the dog (origin, breed, history, leash), your lifestyle and your daily routine. Maybe you only need 3, maybe 8 hours. However, small changes are often enough to achieve great success.

I bet if I list a few behaviors or situations you will immediately recognize them in your dog or in yourself:

  • He never rests
  • He reacts nervously or excitedly to even the slightest stimulus
  • He knows all the signals, but in some situations he seems to forget them or not listen to them
  • He follows you around the house
  • You feel uncomfortable because you feel like you’ve lost control or don’t understand his behavior
  • You get annoyed by the constant barking when you’re out together (or even at home).
  • Your stress level increases when your dog becomes restless.
  • The dog lunges at other dogs, people or cyclists or pulls on the leash.

In all of the above situations, your dog won’t listen to you because his arousal level is just too high.

Working only on the symptoms with control exercises, as is often practiced, only leads to more stress and further disruption of the human-canine bond.

Together we will try to understand why your dog is not relaxing and what needs to be changed.

With the right approach, not only your dog but also you will become more relaxed again and you will have more beautiful experiences together and a more intensive relationship. A relaxed dog is also happier, less prone to illness, and lives longer. He listens to you better and is more reliable, even in difficult situations.

Should we work on this topic, I cannot say in advance how many hours we will need as a lot depends on the individual dog (origin, breed, history), your lifestyle and your daily routine. Maybe you only need 3, maybe 8 hours. Small changes are often enough to achieve great success.

Do you want to try to understand your dog 100% in every situation and know how he feels?

In order to understand your dog, it is important that you know that there are different levels of communication.

A visible level: Here you can see what your dog is doing, how it moves, when it barks, how it plays.

And an invisible level: This level is determined by your relationship. Are you interesting in his eyes? Does he trust you? Does he enjoy hanging out with you?

In order to deepen the relationship between you and your dog, just teaching him the commands and understanding when to go outside is not enough. You should understand his body language and use body language that is easy for him to understand.

Here we analyze your dog’s language together, I teach you to practice together at home and I show how we can develop our own body language to communicate effectively with him.

You’ll learn how to play and have fun with him without food incentives, and you’ll gradually get a better understanding of what he’s trying to tell you.

Hi, I’m Ruth

I have been fascinated by animals since I was a child and my enthusiasm for them has grown with each passing year. After graduating as a biologist, I first gained practical experience in various jobs before I studied animal psychology at the SGD.

As a dog trainer in advanced training, I work with a cognitive-relational approach. This means that I not only train dogs to obey, but that I also have in mind that they can reach their best potential, grow as individuals and that the human-animal relationship is full of wonderful experiences and of course stress-free.

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My method

When a cat lover or dog owner needs help, support or advice with the many possible problems and concerns surrounding their beloved pet, I can offer two types of advice:

1) Online consultation

You would like me to help you understand your pet better, but a personal meeting is not possible? Some problems can also be easily solved online.

2) Home visit

In many cases, however, direct contact is the better option. So of course I offer home visits if I can easily reach you at your place of residence. I live in Berlin, but I’m also in Rome and Sardinia from time to time.

Consultation prices

The price for an online consultation starts from €50.

For home visits, the price depends on whether the contacts take place in Berlin or in Italy, as well as the distance to the respective place of residence. Separate agreements are made for longer distances.

Additional offers for your dog

Hiking with the dog

Would you like to go hiking with your dog, but don’t know where to go?
Since I spend a lot of time in nature with my own dog, I can offer a special service in Berlin and Rome and in the future also in other Italian regions.

Price: 20€/per dog/half day

Travel Advice

You have to take a car or train ride and don’t know how to get your dog used to it in time or what you need to think about and prepare for? I traveled a lot with my dog ​​between Berlin and Italy. I remain at your disposal for advice on this matter!

Price: 30€

Nutritional advice REICO

Unsure what kind of food to feed your dog? I can give you some general advice and most importantly explain what to look out for when you decide to go on an industrial diet over comfort food or BARF. As a REICO consultant, I can give you an overview of the variety of products and help you with your first orders.

Price: free

First aid play course

You probably already know that regular play and mental stimulation will boost your dog’s self-esteem and improve your relationship. But you don’t know enough games and it quickly becomes boring and monotonous for both you and your four-legged friend?

No problem!

I offer you a “first aid game course“! In a maximum of two to three sessions, which can also take place online, I will show you several tricks so that you can have more fun with your dog both inside and outside.


My name is Francesca… and together with my partner Luca, we were lucky enough to meet Ruth for an online consultation on some behaviors of our little Lily🐾. Although we did not meet in person, her great passion and love for her work gave us many positive and practical insights. We really appreciated her in our daily life with Lily. A professionally and personally attentive and knowledgeable personality. We carry the memory of a really positive experience in our hearts and would recommend it.

– Francesca Luca & Lily🐾 –

Ruth spoke about the relationship with my dog ​​Clive in terms of trust and joy – not command and obedience – and I felt there was a way Clive could be safe and adventurous. Ruth was very patient, she understood my lifestyle very well and adjusted her advice and training plan accordingly. But most of all she was encouraging. Because I believe a lot of dog training is actually training the human companion! I was nervous and anxious, overly protective of Clive and didn’t want to put him in new situations. Ruth was very patient and would accompany me to the dog park and a coffee shop because she knew I needed support. She also showed me how to react when something goes wrong. I tended to get very insecure and wondering what I and Clive were doing wrong; now I’m much more relaxed and focused on making Clive comfortable (rather than on how he should behave).
I can’t say enough about how different our relationship feels. Clive is my buddy. When we go for a walk, it feels like I’m walking with an easily distracted and inquisitive friend. I don’t focus on making Clive an obedient dog any more than I would focus on making a friend something he’s not. I’ve been busy with work so I haven’t focused on training with him, but I’m confident I can teach him new things if I want to. Some weeks are better than others, but I’m not thinking about Clive or I doing anything wrong, it’s more about how I can cheer him up or give him more security.
Throughout this time, Ruth was a constant presence. Even in the weeks we weren’t seeing each other, I was in touch with her when I had concerns. These included sudden new behaviors, changes in appetite, apparent regression. I tend to be cautious and complacent, and Ruth pushed me to trust myself and Clive more. It was a pleasure to see Clive, who was a little nervous and wary, gain confidence. This is evident, for example, when he prances down the street as if he owns it, but also in his behavior towards me: he comes to me to let me know when he wants to play and he feels more comfortable with me physically. I’m obviously very proud that I’ve become more confident in myself, that I’m no longer anxious and worried about making a mistake.
There’s a lot more I need to do: spend more time in cafes, take Clive on the subway, maybe travel by train. I look forward to doing this because I know I have the support of someone like Ruth. She really has a gift – with dogs and their human companions!


– Ashwini Vasanthakumar –

Contact me

via e-mail: info@larcadiruth.com or via a message in WhatsApp (+49 1761 7373733).

We can then agree on the modalities of the consultation or course, the respective duration and the costs over the phone.