Do you recognize yourself in one of these situations?

My dog ​​pulls on the leash, bites everything, doesn’t listen to me, barks at other dogs, can’t stay alone.

Services for your dog

My cat doesn’t use the litter box, attacks my feet, meows incessantly, and is aggressive towards other cats or people.

Services for your cat

Then you’ve come to the right place, because I can help you!

luna und ruth

Hi, I’m Ruth!
Animals have fascinated me since I was a child and my enthusiasm for them has grown with each passing year.

After graduating as a graduate biologist, I first gained practical experience in various jobs before I completed my studies in animal psychology at the SGD.

As a dog trainer in advanced training, I work with a relationship-based approach. This means that I not only train dogs to obey, but that I also have in mind that they can reach their best potential, grow as individuals and that the human-animal relationship is full of wonderful experiences and of course stress-free.

Bizet e Luna

My method

When a cat lover or dog owner needs help, support or advice with the many possible problems and concerns surrounding their beloved pet, I can offer two types of advice:

Online consultation

You would like me to help you understand your pet better, but a personal meeting is not possible? Some problems can also be easily solved online.

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Home visit

In many cases, however, direct contact is the better option. So of course I offer home visits if I can easily reach you at your place of residence. I live in Berlin, but I’m also in Rome and Sardinia from time to time.

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Find out below all the services I can offer you:

My love and professional competence also apply equally to the cats.

And here, too, I can be a contact person on the basis of my studies and the wide range of practical experience in the search for problem solutions and provide advice.

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